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Sherlock Holmes in The Sign of Three (x)

My favorite episode ever.

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Anonymous asked: JFC, elementary season ended months ago. Get over it. You can't change season 2. It ain't the Joan show (thank god).


First of all anon, back the fuck off.

You saw that post either through the elementary tag or because you were on my blog, so you don’t get to tell me shit, that’s what you signed up for going into the tag or hanging out on my blog. And obviously you care about elementary if you’re here talking about it

Just because something sucked months ago doesn’t stop it from sucking now. The Last Airbender movie hasn’t gotten any better with age. Just because something happened a while ago doesn’t mean im not gonna keep ragging on it. 

 And this conversation is perfectly relevant, we don’t get any new episodes until October you bet your ass Im going to keep talking about season 2. 

This isn’t the Joan Watson show

This isn’t the Sherlock holmes show

This is Elementary

The whole point going into all of this is that they are a partnership.

Their viewpoints, experiences, decisions, and relationships  to other characters should have equal importance in the story.


that’s the biggest reason me and a whole hell of a lot of people got into the show in the first place.

season 1 did a pretty good job of it, some plotlines were a little sherlock focused, but you always got a sense of where joan stood. 

The tail end of season 2 had joan held hostage and almost killed. She performed a life or death surgery, only for the guy to die anyway. And she watched multiple people get killed in front of her.There is so much material here they could have mined, then they ignore it completely for the last two episodes. Joan is barely present at all, and when she is around, she’s either doing regular plot stuff or her presence is almost completely from sherlock’s pov.

this is the last shot of joan in season 2


framed completely from sherlock’s perspective

the only thing we get from joan in this scene is that she’s still moving out, no other information, not even her emotions about it. This whole thing is about how Sherlock is feeling and how it’s effecting him. You can’t even see Joan’s face.

That was a huge issue all season of course, whenever they chose to give joan a plot line in an episode, it’s always sidelined to whatever sherlock is doing even when her plot line is more dynamic and interesting.(see-corpse de ballet)

plots involving joan and her character development is dropped episode to episode and never picked up again(the casebook she began in poison pen-never mentioned again) or just become fodder for sherlock’s development (sherlock’s cold cases) the Joancroft relationship wasn’t even about joan at all really? the writers only cared about how sherlock and Mycroft felt about the situation. 

If you don’t see a problem with the way they’ve dealt with Joan’s storyline then you really haven’t been paying attention at all.

even the professional reviewers caught on back at hound of the cancer cells

plus lucy liu is an amazing actress and deserves more chances to show her skill. especially since she get’s payed twice what johnny does, it makes absolutely no sense to me. 

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what the fuck ever like i even care. 

I’m not on tumblr to let someone tell me to stop caring about awesome women of color



This makes me think about that thing where a group of 50/50 men and women is always perceived as having too many women.  Having a show where Sherlock and Joan are on equal footing DOES NOT MAKE IT “THE JOAN SHOW!”


—We’ll need someone with state of the art computing skills.


—My regular contact in London has forsworn the practice. Something about not wanting to go to jail. So we have to contact them.

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